Our Process

How do we accomplish the task of creating a work of art and architecture that expresses the hopes of our Client and has lasting and positive impact?

We use a methodical process that starts with the basics and moves forward, by building on the solid foundation of relationships, information and decisions.

We listen: We start by listening to our Client’s hopes and vision for the project. Then repeat what we heard in text and in design. We frequently ask if we are accurately reflecting the project objectives.

We join the Client team: We make the Client’s aspirations our own, and offer our hopes for the project. We make every effort to keep our (new) team working together.

We communicate: We use drawings and models. We draw in two dimensions and three. We make small models and we find full-sized examples.

We explore: With the project objectives in mind, we explore ideas and possibilities. We sometimes “toss all of the variables in the air,” and allow intuition to suggest ideas. We let our pens “talk to us.” Sometimes we emphasize one objective over all others. How can we use light most effectively? How can we make a building communicate welcome? How can we make this easy to build and less expensive?

We discern: With the Client’s participation, we review the ideas, the possibilities, the limitations, and discern the path that is best. We make the big decisions first, and fill in the lesser decisions in order of priority. We involve the services of experienced and informed Engineers and Specialty Designers as required to make the best decisions.

We work hard: When the path is clear, and the decisions are made, we record the information. We make a bigger team when the Builder is added, and work together to make the vision a reality.

We celebrate: We recognize that the design process is a way of sharing career, talent and life with others. When our work is done, and the project complete, we certainly celebrate the accomplishment.

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2010 James Cummings, AIA